Successful professionals know where they are, determine where they want to go and have an actionable plan to get there.

– Christy M. Pruitt-Haynes, SPHR

Human Resources

Areas of Expertise

The key to any successful organization begins and ends with its people. A workforce full of knowledge, passionate, engaged team members all working towards a common goal can take an organization to the top of its industry. Unfortunately, teams that operate at the peak of efficiency don’t just appear, they are skillfully and deliberately created.

The Human Resources Department is tasked with creating that workforce. Does your workforce possess those traits? Is your current HR Leadership in need of additional support? Are there special projects coming up that require a new approach?

From running an HR Department, to assisting with a special project, CORE Consulting can provide the HR Leadership, back-up, and support your company needs. An exhaustive list is impossible, but below are HR areas we can work on.

  • HR Systems Creation, Improvement and Implementation -
    The Foundation of an effective organization is having the right people doing the right job at the right time.
    • Recruit – Recruitment, Hiring, On-boarding
    • Enhance – Training and Development
    • Reward – Compensation and Benefits Design
    • Protect – Employment Law Matters, Leave Policies, Employer and Employee Privacy
    • Maintain – Retention and Succession Management
  • Culture Creation, Implementation, and Communication
  • Organizational Structure
    • Organizational Assessment
    • Resource Allocation
    • Work Flow
  • Strategic Planning
    • Growth
    • New Products, Product Extensions, Market Launches
    • Market Changes
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Major Organizational Shifts
  • Employee Career Mapping
    • On-boarding
    • Horizontal, Lateral, and Diagonal Job Growth
    • Succession Management


Like all industries, HR practitioners speak their own language. Below are a few common phrases and concepts that can assist with your understanding of Human Resources.

CORE Plan – A customized plan that first defines where an individual or organization is, determines where they want to be and, most importantly, maps out an effective, efficient, and achievable plan to reach their goal with an end result of personal or organizational excellence.

Corporate Culture – The personality of an organization. The unstated rules that deal with expected behavior at that organization and often the ultimate determiner of individual success at a company.

FLSA – Fair Labor Standards Act. Also referred to as the Wage and Hour Bill, this law that mandates various compensation standards and United States Department of Labor requirements. This statue governs minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor

HR – Human Resources. Often used to describe the department tasked with recruiting, enhancing, rewarding, protecting, and maintaining an organization’s most important resource its human capital.

KSA – Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

KSAD – Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Desire

OD – Organizational Development. Often used to define the act of taking an organization from its current state to achieving its stated mission.

On-boarding – The process of acclimating a new employee to the organization (or a new position within the organization). A series of activities with the goal of effectively and efficiently demonstrating to a new employee the Who? What? Where? Why? and How? of the organization.

Organizational Excellence – Meeting or exceeding the financial and mission statement goals of the organization.

Organizational Resourcefulness - Being an organization that recognizes that the answers to most situations lie within their own four walls-realizing the organization has the innovation, employee empowerment, and job autonomy to figure it all out. Resourceful Organizations maximize human capital, encourage problem solving, and utilize teamwork to be in a position to capitalize on opportunities.

Proactive Coaching – Individual initiated coaching that often focuses most on determining career objectives, enhancing soft skills, and being in a position to create and maximize professional opportunities while maintaining personal balance.

Reactive Coaching – Organization initiated coaching that either focuses on filling in the gap between current and desired performance or prepares high potential employees to be successful in their next position within the organization.

SME – Subject Matter Expert

Succession Management – The process of identifying and developing potential internal successors to key positions within the organization. This includes identifying which positions to include, examining the short and long term needs of the organization, evaluating current and potential performance, and preparing employees for a seamless transition when the time is right.

T&D – Training and Development. The process of taking an individual employee from their current performance level to a more advanced or desired performance level.

What others are saying

Christy Pruitt-Haynes first came to my attention in her role as Generalist because of the high degree of strategy, quality and innovation that she brought to her client group, the Country Music Channel (CMT). During that period of time, she was clearly one of the strongest Human Resource Generalist within the organization. Her ability to use keen analytical and influencing skills was acknowledged by her Division President and the Executive Vice President of Human Resources. It was clear that Christy had a strong aptitude to learn concepts quickly, to apply them across platforms and to be an effective business partner. She quickly built a reputation as a hard working trusted advisor who performed her role with a great deal of integrity and passion.

– Trina Maynes, M.Ed. • Senior Vice President, Human Resources • Nickelodeon

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