The Foundation of an effective organization is having the right people doing the right job at the right time in the best way.

– Christy M. Pruitt-Haynes, SPHR


What is the TRUE Value of Diversity

posted August 26th at 10:15am

Why is diversity really important? Is it just about having a multi-cultural workforce, is it focused on having several age groups represented or is it about achieving business success?

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The Organization that Thinks Together Excels Together

posted June 2nd at 4:00pm

We’ve discussed the importance of an understood, accepted and supported mission statement and culture, but if team members aren’t able to work together, those things won’t matter. Working toward a common goal is great, but working together toward a common goal is far better. So, what is true collaboration, and how can an organization encourage it?

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What 5 phrases should great leaders avoid at all it doesn't cost them everything?

posted April 25th at 7:52pm

Isolated phrases uttered by leaders can have a lasting effect on morale and corporate culture. If you dismiss an idea by saying "that will never work" or suggest that "failure is not an option," you're signaling a disrespect for ideas and risk-taking that your employees will take to heart.

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Does the Culture of your Organization support the Mission Statement?

posted April 9th at 9:33pm

It’s simple if the organization’s recognition and reward systems don’t match its stated mission, employees will lean toward the behaviors that are rewarded (the culture) as opposed to the stated desired behaviors that the mission would suggest.

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​How Does Your Organization Make the Excellence List?

posted March 18th at 9:33am

Throughout my career I’ve had the privilege of working with several companies and organizations. While each has been a unique experience, there is one thing they all had in common… each wanted to excel. Not just exist, not strive for mediocrity, but to be excellent.

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​Did Your Skills and Interests Intersect Today?

posted March 18th at 8:51am

What makes a person successful in their chosen career? To go a step further, how should people choose what they want to do professionally? Is there a magic formula to picking your perfect job?

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