I believe when skills and interests are completely aligned, professional success is within everyone's reach.

– Christy M. Pruitt-Haynes, SPHR

What They Say

  • From the first conversation, I knew I wanted to work with Christy Pruitt-Haynes. Over the years I worked with her, she was every bit the professional, the HR partner, and the thinker I believed her to be when I met her. It’s very rare to find that person that comes with the whole package: smart, savvy, driven and insightful. She was successful at illustrating to our still-fledging business, at that point, ways to “think” about human capital, and to apply that knowledge in practice. That’s been years ago, and Christy has gone on to bigger and better things. But she is still the one I call when I need to think around a corner. Christy is a force, she is focused and she is open.

    Beth Minter
    Executive Recruiter
    Franklin Belle

  • Christy Pruitt-Haynes first came to my attention in her role as Generalist because of the high degree of strategy, quality and innovation that she brought to her client group, the Country Music Channel (CMT). During that period of time, she was clearly one of the strongest Human Resource Generalist within the organization. Her ability to use keen analytical and influencing skills was acknowledged by her Division President and the Executive Vice President of Human Resources. It was clear that Christy had a strong aptitude to learn concepts quickly, to apply them across platforms and to be an effective business partner. She quickly built a reputation as a hard working trusted advisor who performed her role with a great deal of integrity and passion.

    Trina Maynes, M.Ed.
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Christy was an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable HR professional. She had creative and valuable contributions to the organization. She was the example of sincere and dynamic customer service and she maintained the highest standards of integrity with strong relationships that provided lasting value to the organization. She was an excellent and effective HR professional at ADT.

    Mitch Srail
    Region Human Resources
    Education Corporation of America

  • Christy Pruitt-Haynes is a true professional. She headed up the HR department of the Memphis Grizzlies for several years. She was diligent in her work. She was also a member of the senior management team and made excellent contributions. Christy handled all areas of her job (recruitment, sensitive or confidential situations, etc.) in a professional manner at all times. She was a pleasure to work with and I felt a loss when she left the organization.

    Mike Redlick
    Senior Vice President
    Memphis Grizzlies

  • Christy Pruitt-Haynes is both a consummate HR professional and fun to work with. I could always depend on her to be service-oriented. Christy was an excellent liaison between her client group and our shared services group. She also makes excellent employee decisions.

    Kimberly Kafafian
    Sales Compensation

  • Christy Pruitt-Haynes was very proactive in her roles with the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies employees were a mixture of Canadians, native Memphians, and employees from various locations and states. I feel that Christy was able to keep "order" among the staff through her expertise, until we began to function as a full team. For me, this showed a great deal of Christy's professional skills and her abilities to communicate across racial barriers and among other differences.

    Mike Garrison
    Network Design Specialist III
    Windstream Telecom

  • I was very fortunate to attend the Diversity Summit at the Renaissance Convention Center! It was such an awesome event and I walked away with so much! If you've never attended one of these events, keep it on your radar for next year. It's worth it! Our newest 'Women Business Owners of Montgomery' member, Christy M. Pruitt-Haynes closed out the day with an amazing session entitled 'We wrote the Diversity Policy...isn't that enough???'. I have to say, Christy is a phenomenal speaker! Her message, in itself, was powerful and thought provoking, but it was her delivery that kept the audience engaged! If you haven't heard one of Christy's lectures, she is one to add to your company's next seminar agenda! Kudos Christy

    Renee Williams
    Casting Director
    Class A Casting

  • Christy’s assistance really shined a light on those things that are strengths. Often you look to acquire various, tools, skill sets or other resources to make processes leaner and more efficient. Christy has a unique talent to glean from the resources available. She truly lives by the motto of making you and your organization better by improving you or the individuals involved within your organization. If you are expecting an overnight miracle then hire a miracle worker. If you are expecting a transformation that will lead to miracles then she’s your choice. Any organization that doesn’t improve as a result of working with Christy is an organization not willing to improve.

    Terrance Yarabrough, PhDc
    State of Mississippi

  • Christy Pruitt-Haynes is fair, honest and highly knowledgeable. She handles high-profile, high-pressure situations with a fierce calm. She is the consummate professional and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

    Shavonne L. Dargan
    Vice President, Account Management
    Live Nation Entertainment


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